Account Studio Privacy Policy

This document applies only to the privacy policy instructions for the Account Studio application, as follows:

If you are using an app developed by Account Studio, be sure to understand the privacy policies associated with your mobile device.

1. Collection of information & authority

· The application may automatically collect certain information, including but not limited to the type of mobile device you are using, the mobile operating system, and information about how to use the application;

· We use the anonymous user statistics collected by Fire Base and are supervised by the local national privacy policy to ensure compliance with relevant legal regulations;

· The need for a full-featured experience requires you to give certain necessary permissions, such as self-starting, which will be used to ensure the proper operation of the application's necessary services, and we guarantee that we will not perform any operations that are not related to the application's functionality;

· You have the right to refuse any non-essential rights, but this may affect the normal use of the application's functionality;

· The app does not collect accurate information about the location of mobile devices.

2. Privacy Protection & Authorization

Our principle is to prioritize the privacy of your personal information. unless:

· Legal or court order or government authority

• User agrees that the User shall be responsible for any risks that may arise from unauthorized disclosure of the User's personal information.

· To operate and improve the technology and services of the Du Group,

3. Exit & logout

· You can easily stop all information collected by the app by uninstalling the app.

· You can use the standard uninstall process that is available as part of your mobile device or through the mobile app marketplace or network.

4. The update of application

· The Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time for any reason, and we encourage you to periodically review changes to your Privacy Policy and continue to use it as a Consent Privacy Policy.

5. How to contact us

· If you have any questions about privacy, please contact us through the store's developer email address.